Latest: November 22nd, 2016

Notary Public

Notary Public

Super Bowl

You might want to read this comic that’s a little bit about the Super Bowl, so that you won’t be terrified if its halftime events actually come to pass. (It’s the sequel to this one, which doesn’t mention the Super Bowl at all.)

While I take another week to get used to the concept of “2011,” go enjoy this comic from a year ago about New Year’s resolutions:

2010-01-26 – Minimum Resolution

Okay, it’s got nothing to do with the snow, but there’s comic delay in effect today.  I expect that there will still be a Tuesday update, just a very late Tuesday update.

Sphinxy and EdThis week’s comic is the 6th in a series:

1 – Oedipal Obstacle
2 – Meal Plans
3 – Get On With It
4 – Booming Boilerplate
5 – MILF
6 – Sphinx’d
7 – ???


[ Eventually #7 did get published: 7 - Riddle's End ]