Latest: November 22nd, 2016

Notary Public

Notary Public

My real job is encroaching on Dewey Defeats Tarzan this week. So I leave you with a Special Edition Signature Series placeholder comic. It’s available for a limited time only! Like the McRib. Except it’s free. And way less gross. I immediately regret bringing up the McRib.

Placeholder comic

[10/25 Update: The placeholder comic is gone now, but the bad taste it left lingers on. I guess it was like the McRib after all.]

Urban JungleI’m on vacation this week, giving you extra time to fall in love with “Howard’s Manuscript”. Right now you just like it as a friend.

But I haven’t left you completely without something new and DDTish this week. I recently did a guest comic for friend-of-DDT David Wilborn’s Urban Jungle. Go for the greyscale collage comic, and then stay for the full-color animals in neckties.


This year’s guest comic
Last year’s guest comic
2009′s guest comic

Ugh. A computer crash wiped out a small chunk of progress, but at a critical period of time.  Because I was getting things working again when I should have been comicking, this week’s DDT has been delayed.

I’ll post the comic as soon as I can, but unfortunately that might be as late as Thursday.  In the meantime, please drop me a note to let me know how you feel about my using the word “comicking”.

To Chinese and Back Again

For April Fools’ “fun” I took a few DDT comics, used Google Translate to translate them from English to Chinese, then pasted the result into Babel Fish to translate it back to English.  (Actually, for “Reputation” I used Babel Fish first, then Google Translate.) I’m sure I’ve seen this idea several times before, on the web as well as on an episode of Newsradio.

Anyway, there are three comics in here, rotating every 8 seconds.

April Fools' 2011 Animation it is awesome and you're missing it

Jamboree Trip” –> “Travel of the big camping”
Reputation” –> “Prestige”
Epic Fail” –> “Epic poem defeat”