Latest: November 22nd, 2016

Notary Public

Notary Public

I made up a fake Internet meme for this week’s comic.

( by the way, I got the strawberry here  and I got the Paul McCartney here )

The X Days of Xmas, Day 5

It’s a NEW comic for the last day of the X Days of Xmas! It turns out X equals FIVE.

Happy holidays,


The X Days of Xmas, Day 4

This one (“Frankincensed“) might very well be my favorite of all X days that compose The X Days of Xmas.

I was torn between a couple different “adoration of the magi” paintings.  It was fortunate I picked this one, because it afforded the kissing/zerbert layer of the comic, an idea that came pretty late in the process.

For more information on zerberts, please consult Bill Cosby.


The X Days of Xmas, Day 3

Also from 2009, “Christmas Banter” dares to include the word “Christmas” 6 times, so it must be great, right?

On a good day it’s cute, but it’s not my favorite. Also, in contrast with “After White Elephant”—which was published a week earlier—I was rather disappointed with the art I used on this one.  I wanted a scene with a group of people sitting around talking, of which there should be plenty, but that night I couldn’t find anything else that fit what I needed, so I settled for this scene.

Yep. Insufferable commentary in which I complain about comics I made several years ago: a festive idea for the holiday season.