Tuesday — December 20th, 2011

Regarding The X Days of Xmas Day 1

Regarding The X Days of Xmas Day 1

UJ Guest Comics

Over the years I’ve done exactly 4 guest comics for friend-of-the-comic cartoonist David Wilborn’s Urban Jungle.

David and I started our webcomics at roughly the same time, and I’ve been super pleased to help him out with a guest comic the few-plus-one times I’ve done it. Especially since he’s a real cartoonist with a real comic, and I am/have neither of those things.

My four guest comics:

I was comicking — I swear — but then I didn’t like how the comic was turning out, so I ditched it. But by then I had no time to start over on a new one. So no comic. I’ve been stripped of my title of Comic King after all my fruitless comicking.

Turns out there’s no comic today, sorry about that. However, since we’re all still looking at my stale 80s Juicy Fruit reference, I sought out a video of the commercial in question. Here’s a pretty good presentation of it:

Regarding The X Days of Xmas Day 1

The X Days of Xmas, Day 1

Pre-Party” was my first Christmastime comic. Its only direct tie to the holiday is the conceit that the scene takes place at a Christmas party.

There are several of my comics from 2008 that I’m not happy with, but I’m still pleased with this one.  When I started Dewey Defeats Tarzan I had some ideas about what it would be, and many of these that turned out to be wrong.  For one thing, I expected it’d be mostly single-panels week to week, with strips thrown in on occasion (probably at about a 70/30 ratio).  I’d thought that that balance would represent what I’d enjoy creating as well as the limit of what I’d be able to accomplish.

This strip (“Pre-Party”) surprised me in its lifecycle from nothing to something, and in how much I enjoyed making it.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was a harbinger of what DDT was becoming.