Tuesday — December 30th, 2008

New Year’s Rockin’ Memes

New Year’s Rockin’ Memes

UJ Guest Comics

Over the years I’ve done exactly 4 guest comics for friend-of-the-comic cartoonist David Wilborn’s Urban Jungle.

David and I started our webcomics at roughly the same time, and I’ve been super pleased to help him out with a guest comic the few-plus-one times I’ve done it. Especially since he’s a real cartoonist with a real comic, and I am/have neither of those things.

My four guest comics:

I was comicking — I swear — but then I didn’t like how the comic was turning out, so I ditched it. But by then I had no time to start over on a new one. So no comic. I’ve been stripped of my title of Comic King after all my fruitless comicking.

Turns out there’s no comic today, sorry about that. However, since we’re all still looking at my stale 80s Juicy Fruit reference, I sought out a video of the commercial in question. Here’s a pretty good presentation of it:

New Year’s Rockin’ Memes

X: Drill, Baby, Drill?
Y: Taken.
X: I’m Fucking Matt Damon, then.
Y: Enter, sir.
A: ?
Pardon me.
Mr. Weesen invited me to his party. Do I have to wait in this line? I don’t get what’s going on.

B: First time, friend? I’ll clue you in.
Each year, Avery Weesen throws an AMAZING New Year’s Eve party, but he acts as his own doorman.
A: So… what? Everyone has a password?
B: Not exactly. Avery only lets you in if you can name a pop culture reference from the past year.

A: Oh. That’s neat, I guess. Doesn’t sound too hard.
B: Perhaps, newbie. But Avery is judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to what qualifies.
A: Executioner?
B: Alright, I went a bit dramatic there. But he’s picky, and he gets impatient if you don’t come up with something quickly.
And no repeats allowed.

C: Dammit! I have to go to the back of the line again!
All the Britney Spears material is used up, guys.
D: That little ho-bag was my TICKET!